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Parents Actively Supporting Education (P.A.S.E.)


P.A.S.E. (Parents Actively Supporting Education) is the parent support organization at Pleasant Valley School, first established in 1998.  P.A.S.E. is responsible for coordinating many special events and fundraising efforts throughout the school year.  P.A.S.E.'s mission is:
  • To bring about meaningful and ongoing parent involvement with our school and local community.
  • To engage parents positively in their children's education.
  • To coordinate fundraisers to raise money for the entire school and work solely towards the betterment of our school. This includes helping to supplement school-sponsored activities.
  • Work together to create a warm, welcoming setting for all visitors to the school and an environment that makes all parents and extended families feel welcome.

P.A.S.E. is a non-profit organization, and all funds raised are returned to the students.  Monthly meetings are held in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Visit the P.A.S.E. website or the P.A.S.E. Events website to learn more about the current fundraising and volunteer opportunities at our school.  We need you!