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Pleasant Valley School
2025 Ranchita Canyon Road
San Miguel, CA 93451
(805) 467-3453 phone
(805) 467-2306 fax

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Getting Here

Please do not use the school address as listed by Google Maps.  That is our old address, and if you use it on a GPS system, you may end up in Monterey County!  


Our physical address is 2025 Ranchita Canyon Road, San Miguel, CA 93451




What is Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)?

LCFF stands for Local Control Funding Formula. This refers to the manner in which the State of California funds school districts. This change is a major ...more

District Plans

Business Reporting

2016-2017 LCAP Parent, Staff and Community Survey/ 2016-2017 Encuesta de Padres, Personal y Comunidad de LCAP

The staff and administration of Pleasant Valley School are seeking feedback from all stakeholders on last year's Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  This is the yearly plan that establishes district/school goals and outlines how the district's resources will be used to meet those goals.  Feedback from the previous year's LCAP is then used to inform staff, parents, and members of the community who work in the planning of the next year's LCAP.


Please use this link to access this year's LCAP survey in English.  Data collected before March 18th will be used for subsequent LCAP planning meetings. 


El personal y la administración de Pleasant Valley School están buscando información de todas las partes interesadas sobre el Plan de Responsabilidad de Control Local (LCAP) del año pasado. Este es el plan anual que establece las metas del distrito / escuela y describe como los recursos del distrito serán utilizados para alcanzar esos objetivos. La retroalimentación del LCAP del año anterior se utiliza para informar al personal, a los padres ya los miembros de la comunidad que trabajan en la planificación del LCAP del próximo año.


Utilice este enlace para acceder a la encuesta LCAP de este año en español. Los datos recolectados antes del 18 de marzo se utilizarán para las siguientes reuniones de planificación de LCAP. 

"Your Student, Your Schools"

Pleasant Valley School is being featured on a Television Show called "Your Students, Your Schools"!


Produced by the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education, (SLOCOE), this program shows off our amazing teachers, students, parents, and programs.


Now it's time for us to share just how special we are with the community; and the world...let's see how many views we can get! 


Click here to  watch this wonderful video


After-School Enrichment -- Arts and Crafts

Changes in California Public Education

The last few years have brought significant changes to California public schools.  Changes include funding, standards, testing, and accountability.  Please click HERE for a concise and clear community toolkit for understanding all these changes.  

You can also contact Wendy Nielsen, or 467-3453, for more information.

Twin Day!!!

School Calendar

Today: 4/28/17
12:00 PM Eat Lunch with Your Student Day

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Staff Directory

Bivin, Sunny
Teacher - 3rd/4th
Borden, Shelly
Library Technician
Brown, Brenda
Instructional Aide
Condell, Dusita
Teacher - 2nd
Del Fiorentino, Michele
Instructional Aide
Ellison, Llaina
Teacher - Kindergarten/1st
Elmer, Cody
Instructional Aide
Ferrin, Lynn
Administrative Assistant
Garcia, Kathy
Instructional Aide
Gingg, Dreima
Instructional Aide
Gregory, Joseph
Instructional Aide
Haggmark, Jennelle
Teacher - 5th/6th
Hubbard, Candice
Resource Specialist Teacher
Jaeger, Debbie
Office Assistant
Nielsen, Wendy
Superintendent / Principal
Parker, Bridget
Instructional Aide
Parks, Cheryl
Board of Trustees Assistant
Savage, Adrienne
Homework Club Instructional Aide
Wells, Christina
Teacher - 7th/8th

P.A.S.E. Word of the Month


Common Core Standards

Educational standards provide guidelines for educators by defining what students should know and be able to do in each grade level. Forty-five states, including California, have adopted the same set ...more

SELPA Public Hearing

Click HERE for information.

Parking Lot Safety

We thank you for your previous and continued cooperation in making the following adjustments to keep our students safe in the parking lot.

Students are not to walk through the parking lot . Your ...more