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Enrollment and Interdistrict Transfers


Please review and complete the necessary forms. Return all required registration information before the start of school.  If you have any questions please call the school at (805) 467-3453.  You may have to leave a message; the staff is not full time during the summer. 

Please use the checklist below to gather all the required kindergarten registration items.

  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Proof of residency - ex. Utility bill
  • Student’s immunization record
  • Report of health examination - filled out and signed by the doctor 
  • Oral health assessment form - filled out and signed by a dental professional
  • New enrollment form
  • Student Medication Notice - (optional) used when the student needs to take medication at school.   Must be signed by both parent and doctor.
  • Application for free and reduced-price meals (optional)
  • Daycare Agreement (optional)


Parents who reside in other school districts may request an Interdistrict Transfer if they choose to have their children attend school in PVJEUSD and parents of students living within the boundaries of PVJUESD may use an Interdistrict Transfer to attend another district.  Board Policy and Regulation 5117  and Education Code 46600- 46611 outline the reasons for which a transfer may be approved and the appeal process.

In most cases, the Board and the superintendent will respond to an Interdistrict Transfer request within 30 days or fewer. However, in the case where the requested class size is unknown, such as prior to the start of a new school year, an incoming Interdistrict Transfer Request may take much longer. Decisions on class sizes will be made before the last board meeting in June.  Requests for transfers for a new school year for a new student will be accepted after March 1st prior to the start of the school year. 



  • Parent completes Interdistrict Transfer Request Form in English or the Interdistrict Transfer Request Form in Spanish and presents it to front office ten days before the next regularly scheduled board meeting. 
  • Parent may choose to attend the regularly scheduled board meeting to provide information to the Board (see the calendar under the Board tab)
  • The Board approves or denies the request and the superintendent notifies the parents
  • All approvals are subject to space availability and students meeting behavioral and achievement expectations.
  • Upon the recommendation the superintendent the Board may revoke an Interdistrict Transfer at any time for continued problems with attendance, behavior or academics.
  • A student attending on an Interdistrict Transfer who commits an expellable offense will be subject to revocation of the transfer permit and PVJUESD will, in most cases, pursue the expulsion process. If the expulsion decision is upheld, the transfer will be revoked at that time. Even if the parent withdraws the student from the district, the district may continue to pursue the expulsion process.