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PVJUESD Board of Trustees

The school's governing board meets, for the most part, on the second Wednesday of every month (except January, April, June and July.)  Meetings take place at the school at 6pm and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend. 

The board is comprised of the following group of dedicated parents and community members, along with Superintendent / Principal, Wendy Nielsen, and administrative assistant, Cheryl Parks.  The board is responsible for overseeing the school's financial decisions as well as compliance with all county regulations.

2018-2019 Calendar of Regular Board of Trustees Meetings


Board of Trustees
Contact Aaron (Term expires November 2018) Borden  Aaron (Term expires November 2018) Borden Associate
Contact Julie (Term expires November 2020) Kirby  Julie (Term expires November 2020) Kirby Associate
Contact Rebecca (Term expires November 2018) New  Rebecca (Term expires November 2018) New Associate
Contact Joseph (Term expires November 2018) Parker  Joseph (Term expires November 2018) Parker Associate
Contact Christina (Term expires November 2018) Reid  Christina (Term expires November 2018) Reid Associate
Board Materials
12/29/17 2:16 PM
12/29/17 2:18 PM
12/29/17 2:20 PM
12/29/17 2:15 PM
12/29/17 2:15 PM
8/3/18 2:00 PM
12/29/17 2:26 PM